Is it OK for a normal non swimmer, non model guy to shave legs?

If he is very hairy and already shaves his upper body and groin, would it be good if he then also shaves his legs arms?

Is it OK for a normal non swimmer, non model guy to shave legs?Is it OK for a normal non swimmer, non model guy to shave legs?

More ladies?


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  • Do whatever makes you feel good, but if you're straight that will most likely be a turn off for the ladies.

    • Ya, totally straight man here, but the issue is that unlike an average man I am excessive hairy man. So, even if I leave it unshaved it's more of a turn off for the ladies I suppose. Because excessive hairy chest already turns off women

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    • Shaved groiin, chest and stomach but all natural very hairy legs , wouldn't it look odd and weird?

    • Won't it look odd?

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  • I mean if you feel more comfortable that way, then why not. Though personally I've not seen a reason to do so.

    • The reason is that he is very hairy on legs and arms as well as torso, but he shaves his torso. So, he should obviously shave legs to look sexy?

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    • And if he leaves it all excessive hairy even then people will find it weird and ugly , isn't it?
      Any idea what would the ladies like better?

    • I figure small to medium amounts of hair, since that seems to be the most "normal" for a guy. Not too much, but also not clean shaven.

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  • No that is weird and feminine, I don't want to date a girly guy

    • But don't you think it would be weird to have shaved smooth chest but very hairy legs and arms?

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    • i surely envy woman's body and women for that matter

    • yeah you're probably a transexual, lots of people are more open about it these days so maybe you can find a group that supports you?

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  • It's a matter of preferance. Most guys don't shave their legs but there is a growing minority that do for aesthetic reasons.

    • Most don't because they are average and normal hairy as most men are. But I am excessive hairy man. I already need to shave my torso and groin or else I resemble a gorilla chested man

  • Hey, I'm gonna tell you something, in my experience, most women in a first look judge you by that but if you are secure of yourself, you win a lot of points with them, they want men that are secure of what they are, its a thing of attitude, because I Know some men in my city that are not the most handsome but they have the most beautiful and Smart ladies, (not its by the money if you think so), so Im trying to tell. you that if you shave your legs but you are secure of yourself and show it to them, you have a big chance, but at the final you are who have to decide how you feel better, seriously, its not a joke, women find very attractive to men who are very confident of themselves.
    I'm talking about my opinion and the things I have seen with my friends, but for some people it can be diferent
    PD.: I have a friend who shaves everything in his body except the beard, and most girls want to be with him.
    There are so different people in the world, so be yourself, if you want to do it, do it.


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