How to make myself more attractive without makeup?

So just general things. I can't really wear makeup since it irritates my skin really badly and makes it super itchy and red and makes my skin break out. And mascara 1. Doesn't suit me. at all, trust me. 2. makes my eyes so watery it looks like i'm crying.
-I can fill in my eyebrows, so I'm gonna start doing that

-Skincare tips! I do wash it every night and morning with soap or etc. Should I buy a cream that helps with acne? I've occasionally used Basiron, but I just kinda forgot to use it. Should I go back to using it?

-Hair! What can I do with it? It's straight, and not super thick but also not thin. It reaches almost mid back, but I'm considering cutting it. I don't have any volume in it and it just never looks good. I always put it up into an ugly bun or a ponytail, because that's all I know. Any styling ideas?
-I don't really have time to use heat tools tho. but like braids, hairstyles etc..

-Just my face in general. I have pretty awful genes when it comes to looking attractive naturally. I don't have full lips or big eyes. I think my nose in big compared to the rest of my face, even tho on someone else it probably wouldn't look as big. But is there any way I can still appear better looking? My eyes are small, big nose and small lips.. I really hate it, but I just kinda live with it.

-Weight. I'm 5'8 and 161 lbs. And I know I'm fat as fuck, you don't need to tell me. I'm currently trying to exercise and eat healthy. But what's the best weight for me, in your opinion? My plan is to get to 125-130~ but I think that might still be too much? What do you think?

-How do I make my thighs look smaller? Like jfc. I can lose a lot of weight but my thighs just won't shrink. They're like 60cm (23 inches) in the thickest part, and will propably only go to 55cm (21.6 inch) if I succeed in losing weight..

Opinions from girls and guys since I'm bi and will date girls or boys.


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  • Workout, drink enough water (stay hydrated), when you shower or bathe.. turn down the temperature just a bit, use natural bodyscrub remedies if you can.. works well against the upper layer of dead skincells making your skin more clean. Also, sunbathing is fine, but remember sunblock, and that too much sun is damaging to our skin. If you do these things, and use natural remedies this acne of yours should also fade.


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  • 1. Go back to what you were using for your acne, but if that doesn't work then u could always try going to a dermatologist.

    2. If you could style your hair on the week ends I would use a curling iron and curl my hair and then either leave it down or put it in half up half down. Also if you want your hair to have some color to it then you could even get high lights to it. But if u don't want to color/high light your hair then u could just try heatless hair styles like; braids, heatless curls. etc.

    3. Who cares what other people think of u, just be yourself and do what makes u feel happy.

    4. if u r looking to loose weight u could even try out for a sport or different activities and clubs in your school and also going to the gym 4-5 times a week would definitely help, and eating healthy.

    5. Try Wearing clothing that make your curves stand out and where what makes u feel happy about your body.

    6. Remember CONFIDENCE IS KEY and good luck!


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  • Don't give a fuck how fat you are. You said how to be more attractive without makeup... simple...
    Smile more.

  • Just be yourself


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  • you pretty much got it.

    wear more flattering clothes that fit your body shape. a good hairstyle makes a huge difference.

    and CONFIDENCE *** :)


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