How do I be bad enough to get a girlfriend when I look like a total good boy?

I look like an sweet little innocent, baby-faced good boy... not very developed muscle tone... I'm told that I'm good looking and I'm nice and compassionate, I don't drink since I'm underage, don't do drugs... girls say I'm very sweet, and a great friend, some even say I'm cute, but even then it never turns into anything more than friends...

I'm tired of losing friends because I simply like/love the girls I pursue. I look for someone that is everything that I want in a girl, and I sometimes get attached really easy. even then after one girl, its hard to move on and find another. I just want to be with one girl and search for one girl, not fall for many. that's not love. and I ain't no heartless player either. :/

...and I'm gonna get the "don't change speech" from girls, but I know you really want a bad boy that can be the good guy, so to speak... :/

trouble is, I was never the "fun" over-confident, bad boy you wanted from the start. :/


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  • Well, first of all, I think the most important issue here isn't that you're a 'good boy' - I think it's like you said, you get attached really easily. This can freak girls out, because for us, it's like, whoa, I've known this guy for a week, why is he acting like this? I don't know why this is, but I think it's true. So my advice would be to try to maintain a normal friendship - like the way you would at the beginning of a relationship- for a longer time. I don't know if you can help feeling attached early on, but try not to show it that much. I know this is a little deceptive, but personally it's an ok form of deception. I hope that helps!

    • Well I DO do that... just be friends for a while. It's def way more than just a week. It can take a few! but I generally develop REAL feelings for the girl without dating, just getting to know a friend. I try not to come on too strong but I'm an emotional, romantic guy and I can help who I like, and depending on the situation I may feel short on time. Like if I like a girl in school and I won't see her much, if at all afterwards... I think it's better than not tryin at all.

    • Ok, well, I think that the best thing you can do in a situation where you like a girl after a few weeks or so is move VERY slowly. Like if you've only ever hung out with her at lunch at school or something, asking her to do something with a group might be a good first move. The first time one of my boyfriends and I hung out after school was going to eat at a restaurant with a few friends, and it was really comfortable. But please believe, being a nice guy will pay off. Try not to be a doormat,

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  • (continuing my comment because it wouldn't let me add another) but also keep in mind that there are girls who really do like sweet guys.

  • You know what just be yourself", the right girl for you will be there for who you are... Do not be in a hurry...I think girls stay away from you because you're trying to be someone else. I guarantee you that you will find your true lovematch at the right time...

    • Well I'm considering being "someone else" because being myself doesn't seem to cut it... :/

    • Well, how long are you doing it>>>pretending to be someone else?! is it working?!

    • Idk... Just to get the girl. and nah it's not workin all that great so far... either I care or I don't, and when I don't care, I have more luck with a girl I don't have interest in. :/

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