Funny question, for girls who are like me with not very silky hairs, do you struggle with showering because you will mess your hair XD?

My hair is not so bad, but in order to look nice it has to be straightened... and sometimes i want to shower more often with my hair, but instead i use a hair cap in order to be able too shower daily ,, because it is either a lot of money to go to the salon again, or a lot of effort to just waste every day... do you have the same problem :D

Actually, this is the only reason i envy girls with natural silky hairs,, they can go to the gym and shower everyday, or go the the pool everyday,,, me not :(


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  • i have curly hair and i shower twice/thrice daily... i just put my hair up and go shower

  • My hair is the only thing I don't like that much about myself. I am completely satisfied with everything else. Also, I agree with you. It's a son of a bitch to take care of damaged hair.


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