Does my make up look decent?

A friend of mine did my make up on my birthday.Does my make up look decent??


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  • Seeing as though your on here for an opinion you obviously want to hear honest opinions so im going to say this, there is definently room for improving, firstly as you have dark hair your eyebrows need to match the colour of your roots but a slightly lighter shade, the eyebrows are important because they frame the face, for you i think thciker longer filled in brows would just enhance the look a lot, and maybe a less neon bright coloured lipstick as i find this colour on anyone can look quite tacky, your a stunning girl, and i think you could learn a lot from watching youtube videos of makeup tutorials you can get ideas on what products work for your skin tone and what looks really good, these are just my opinions so sorry if its long but me myself im a makeup addict and spend a lot of time trying new things and learning new techniques from youtube

    • Also i forgot to add, But Happy Birthday gurl 💕

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    • Well thats good because your natural face is the truest version of yourself, and more people should be able to feel comfortable in their own skin just like you!

    • Thank you. I think i look fine without makeup.

  • Yes very pretty.

  • it's bomb! add some winged liner and you're good

    • Thank you!

    • I do agree with anon below- filling in brows a bit would really make a difference too :)

    • yea i didn't have the tools to do my eyebrows correctly.

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