Anybody else agree that women's clothing sizes are idiotic?

While I went shopping for new gym clothes recently, I tried on 3 different shirt from the same retailer. Two were in the size large, the other one was a medium.
The first large one could've fit two of me into it, the second one was almost too tight at the chest and incredibly large in the midsection. The medium one fit horribly all over.
Why can't retailers decide on one standard so that us women don't have to try on 20 shirts before finding one that fits?
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  • Well... in a word... no.

    Most obviously, there are a shit-ton of different female body shapes --

    -- and every brand has its own, different silhouettes around which it designs its clothes.
    (The brands hire "fit models" -- NOT "fitness models", but "fit models" -- to serve as the basis for their sizing. Fit models are NORMAL PEOPLE, with normal body shapes, that the brand wants to use as the basis for its clothing lines. Some brands, especially athletic brands, tend to use fit models with smaller busts and bigger butts. Other brands use the opposite. Still others use hourglass women, or women whose bodies are practically straight-up-and-down.)

    You can't possibly be built like EVERY different female silhouette -- so, it's perfectly reasonable that you'll wear different letter sizes in different brands. Or even in tops and bottoms from the SAME brand (especially if you're a busty woman with a small waist).

    Also, some brands make clothes with a huge variety of different fits. For instance, the VS Pink "oversized fit" shirts are notoriously gigantic -- no kidding, one of my girlfriends' 6'5" 330lb husband can easily fit into a size *medium* "oversized sweatshirt" from VS Pink -- so, anyone who doesn't want an uber-slouchy, about-to-fall-off fit is gna need to size down at least 2 sizes in those (from her OTHER VS clothing).
    Etc etc.

    Basically, at the end of the day... If you care, you care. It's not much of an imposition to get to know certain brands, and to know how those brands' different styles and silhouettes are going to fit.
    I mean, I know my fav brands well enough that I can, with complete confidence, buy fairly expensive items on final sale as gifts -- sometimes even for women I've never even seen beyond a photo or two. Within a particular brand and style, it really is *THAT* consistent.

    And if you don't care enough to know the fit of yr fav brands... then, well, you just don't care enough, so it's all g either way.


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  • I go into one shop and I am a size 10. I go into another and I am an 8. One shop might even make me a 12.

    Why can't clothes be measured in absolute inches or centimetres. Like men's clothing. XX inch waist and YY inch length. Simple.

    • The sizing you mentioned for men's clothes applies only to jeans (and some khakis/dockers/etc).
      Our jeans are sized the same way (= I have a 27-inch waist, and I wear size 26 or 27 in most denim).
      And inseam measurements are only a feature of relatively cheap brands, anyway. Upscale men's jeans -- like ours -- come in a single length that's fairly long, and guys with shorter legs just need to take them to the tailor's and get them hemmed.

      Other men's clothes (except suiting) are s/m/l/xl, etc, just like ours -- and there's a LOT more variation than in women's. My husband wears size XS in some shirts, and size L in others.

      If you know boys who just go buy everything in the same size all the time, then, you just know boys who don't care how their clothes fit (= in other words, 99.7 percent of boys in North America).

    • ... and in the English-speaking world generally ^^

  • While I can appreciate your struggle (I've noticed the size issue in my shopping) I've always fit in XS/S clothes. But I have friends who can fit in my clothes bit also in medium/larges and those sizes literally fall off me lol

  • Tell me about it. I hate that depending on the brand I can fluctuate up to 4 different sizes. How is this even possible?

  • It's so annoying, I have shirts in my closet from XS to L

  • Which is one of the reasons why I buy my clothes in the men's section.

  • Yeah I have sizes ranging from XS to XL so they are ridiculous lol

  • This is why I purchase fitted clothing


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