What would be your reaction if your friend admitted to crossdressing and wearing panties instead of boxers on some says?

Would you still be his friend? Would you laugh at him? Would you tell anyone? I'm wondering because I have been crossdressing since I was 10 and I'm now 23 and feel like I can't keep it a secret for much longer. I'm not gay I just like feeling girly some times.


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  • I'd still be their friend and support them however I could

    • Would you lend them some of your girl clothes until they buy there own? And would you take one shopping for his own girl clothes including bras and panties?

    • i'm not sure about the lending because i'm quite protective of my belongings :/ But i'd probably go shopping with them

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  • Face the mirror and ask yourself this? What is it that I really wanted in life? Figure out who you really are.. and what you really want in life

  • I would be cool with it

    • Thats awsome. Would you help them dress up and teach them how to be femine? And would you ever help a crossdressing friend gain the courage to go out in public dressed up?

    • Yes I would

  • It's fine couple of my friends wear thongs and gym tights looks cute xx


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