How can I be less intimidating and look younger?

People say I look intimidating. What can I do about it? Also need some advice on how to look younger. Because apparently I look like a 20+ year old even though I'm 16. I want to look younger because only older women are hitting on me.


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  • No one PHYSICALLY looks more than about 25% off of their real age, in either direction (except for truly exceptional cases -- hard drug users, people who've lived on the street for years, etc).
    Rlly... No one.


    Okay, first question -- Are you losing hair? I had friends who already showed nascent male-pattern baldness in high school, so, it's certainly possible. MOST people are totally unprepared for balding hair on top of a teenaged face, and so will all too often base their estimation of those boys' ages almost *totally* on their thinning hair.

    If you have all yr hair and people are *still* misjudging yr age by more than +25 percent (= if they're guessing you any older than 20 or 21) then the most likely culprits are:
    • How you dress,
    • How you wear yr hair,
    • How you talk.
    Hopefully these don't need to be explained. Yr typical 16-year-old doesn't do any of these things in the same way as yr average 21-year-old. (For young women, differences in how they do makeup can also throw off people's judgment, but I presume that doesn't apply here.)
    If you dress, wear yr hair, and speak like a young man in his twenties, then that's the impression you'll give off.

    So, think about these things -- especially the way you talk (which most people never bother to examine as closely as they should, even though yr verbal articulation significantly influences almost **every** judgment others make about you). You'll prl find the answer there.
    If you have trouble examining yr speech from a detached enough point of view, I bet there's somewhere on the internet where you can upload some samples of yr typical speech and have The Crowd try to estimate yr age.


    Even more importantly, tho -- Why would you want to regress?

    For a young man, "coming across as older" is a WONDERFUL thing (... unless it's a nice way of saying you're a boring stick in the mud with zero spontaneity, but, based on what you wrote, that doesn't seem to apply here). Teenage boys don't get no rifffpect.
    If you were a young woman, I could absolutely see how this wd be a cause for concern.

    "Intimidating" is ALSO a good thing (for young men), for the most part. I mean, dude! If women are actually coming up and hitting on you, then, you must be the RIGHT kind of intimidating mahah. Either that or -- perhaps more likely -- the whole "intimidating" bit is just a line of crap.


    And this:
    "only older women are hitting on me"

    ^^ Teenage girls almost never approach anyway. Don't personalize generalities.

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    • No I just have been wondering why none of the girls my age have shown any interest. Or if they do it just happens so rarely that I even barely notice.
      I gotta say, Chico_brah seems like an older version of me. I also lift + am starting to grow a beard.

    • I've actually noticed younger girls hit on me despite me looking older.

      Asked this question on my old account

  • Try wearing clothes for kids your age. Maybe you act mature, so put it down a bit. Stand around kids your age in public to give them the thought that your with them. If you have facial hair, shave it, if your muscular, try to keep in shape, but don't drastically stop exercising. But you shouldn't want to change to look younger, yeah it may be a bit hard to get used to, but soon your age will catch up too your looks. But one way to look your age is to follow up on what other kids your age look. I know that many still have baby fat on their cheeks (not fully, but conceals their angular face, and makes them look high school student than grown man). Just follow up with what others look like who look their age and copy that. Hope this helps


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  • Older women are hitting on you because you look like a man.

    If you want 16 year old girls, hit on them. Most of them find 20 year old males hotter, so if you look 20, you should do better than most guys.


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