Part 2 - would you change your appearance to attract more people?

More people either being friends, lovers... whatever.

If you are a guy this means changing your appearance (hair, clothes, body shape...) in the hopes to attract more women and/or different type of girls. Or to attract more friends/different types of people.

And vice versa for woman.

Part 2 - would you change your appearance to attract more people?

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Whether or not it works is uncertain *just to make that clearer*
Also I have stated whether you are happy with your appearance.

For example I have a unique look, though that I like that I stand out the fact that I'm not getting the results from it are making me question my appearance and what type of changes I should make.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I go to the gym a couple times a week. I am working on my figure. But I like my body type. And I have already attracted the one guy I'm interested in. But... I would like to maintain his interest lol

    • People with the mindsetsweet of "I found someone, now I can let myself go" should be dumped in a heartbeat... that's a common theme with southern bells.

    • I mean... he's marrying me so regardless of what happens he's kind of stuck with me :p

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, that's why I shave and get dressed up when I go out and also why I work out.

    I have noticed that I get better treatment from both males and females alike when I do this.

    I wouldn't bother if I was on an island living alone.

    • >> Whether or not it works is uncertain *just to make that clearer*

      In my case I'm reasonably certain. Just doing some push-ups before I go out and getting pumped can make the difference between guys commenting that I look strong and wanting to talk to me and find out where I'm from as well as girls giving me much more attention. I'm fairly certain that if I looked like a slob, I wouldn't receive nearly as much attention.

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    • >> I didn't see the third part of your question, I'm already doing an extreme look and have always been someone who deviates from the norm... my fear is that if I make myself look "normal" or clean cut I'll just look boring and nothing will really change.

      That can be kind of a risk. To me it helps to stand out in some way, however subtly. In that case you might not attract as many people but the people who like your unique look will become more drawn to you. It's better to have a small but loyal fanbase than a big one who is largely indifferent, so to speak.

      Extreme ways of standing out can divide your audience too much though, making your looks appreciated by too few people. On the flip side, completely blending in isn't very good either.

    • That last statement was such a valid point. It reminds me of discussions I've had with my friends about dating and more so my attempts. Basically we came to the conclusion that as long as you are in good shape and have charisma/personality you can pull off anything.

      So I'm going to look at it like this - being in good shape is main priority, dressing appropriate for my body second and changing hair/beard style 3rd (and that is if I want to).

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What Girls Said 3

  • No, I wouldn't. if he's not happy with the ways I look he can go see elsewhere (unless it's really small stuff).

    • There was a girl I was trying to see and I kept trying to convince her to eat and exercise because she would starve herself and sit around playing video games all day... so changes like that.

    • If it was that I would only eat when he told me too if not I wouldn't eat anything

  • I would wanna change my appearance in a sense of having a better body mainly but I wouldn't wanna change my whole appearance because I praise my dimples­čść

  • Nope.


What Guys Said 3

  • Depends, do I have to buy anything? If so, probably not

    • Not if you don't want to

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    • I guess in my attempt to make this question vague and more relatable all I did was make it hard to understand lol I guess I'll repost it and make it specific to me.

    • Lol u don't have to but good luck either way!

  • Nope. im happy with my current appearance

  • it depend what exactly I was changing? I think its normal for people to do this


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