Can you resize old rings?

So my boyfriend grandfather, gave him his ring and today after work my boyfriend gave it to me as a promise ring. But we were both concerned because the ring is big and my size is a 6. He didn't want to buy a ring because the ring his grandfather gave really meant a lot to him. I really don't want to resize the ring but I'm afraid it might fall off so either I can resize or buy a nice chain and wear it as a necklace.
Can you resize old rings?
That's how the ring look, gold ring but yellow and brown in the oval.


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  • You probably can get it resized BUT I think the main issue would be the stone in the middle. That needs to sit nicely around the band for it to stay on. If you cut the band to resize it, that could make the surface (where the stone is suppose to sit) very small.

    To be honest I wouldn't resize something that has so much significance to my partner. I would buy a necklace and wear it around my neck. I wouldn't go around tampering with it.

    • I thought about it and will buy a necklace, because that ring really means a lot and of course he won't tell me no don't do it even though I wouldn't get mad if he did, so I won't resize it. Thank you for your opinion.

    • I'm glad, and no problem

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  • It can be shrunk within reason, probably like one or two sizes. The rings that I've seen that were resized (two) had a definite humping or bulging to the band in the bottom third of the band. You really need to be fitted, the ring sized on a ring mandrel to determine how much shrinking the band will require. Since this is an important and sentimental ring to your boyfriend, I would find a competent jeweler to make the modifications to the band.

    • Thank you so much, but I have thought about it and even though my boyfriend acts like he wouldn't mind but I won't resize. Instead I bought a gold chain and will wear it as a necklace.

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