Effective way to help remedy acne scars besides laser surgery or dermabrasion?

I have severe acne scars covering both sides of my face. I know laser surgery and dermabrasion are supposed to be effective for that, but they are expensive.

i wanted to know if anyone knows of any topical creams, lotions or treatments or methods to help lessen the severity of the scars.

I've seen a number of products that are supposed to help a little, but how effective are they? Is it worth the money? Has anyone tried any?

All answers are appreciated.


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  • Organic coconut oil really worked for me. It comes in a solid form. You run it in your hand and apply it. Pouuufff scars gone.

    • Cool. Does it just reduce the appearance of scars while you have it on, or does it work in cumulative effect over time?

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    • It worked on the scars but will take a couple of weeks to work. You don't have to apply it everyday. Maybe every two-three days
      Yes it has to be organic. Not much more expensive than the regular one.

    • Thanks for the info.

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  • What helps a lot is tea tree oil I've tried it and it cleared my acne

    • Acne isn't the problem though, it's the scars left behind that's the problem.

    • It also does the trick for the scars left behind

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