What clothing specifically suits me?

Hair: golden blonde (gets darker closer to roots)
Eyes: blue grey
Skin: very pale olive (golden when tanned) but usually looks quite pale
Build: 5'2" slim, curvy hips and butt, A cup, healthy looking age 19

Personally I quite like the grunge look, but also more of a classy blazer wearing model look and I also like the feminine dusty rose coloured feminine look.

What colours, clothes, cuts and aesthetics suit me?


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What Guys Said 2

  • 100% Honest...
    Its difficult to imagine all those descriptions combined...
    Even though it is very well described.

    But if i had to say something...
    I think Dark Colours will fit you well...
    Crop tops and short pants maybe also... ( Depends on if you will be able to work it )
    There are a lot of variables...

    Sorry... Not that great of an answer! 👍

  • send your pics then I will decide
    you can pm me also


What Girls Said 1

  • This tells us nothing useful to build a wardrobe around


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