How does someone dress for tricky weather/an unreliable forecast?

Where I live it's usually FREEZING at this time of year, but for the past few days we've had spring weather, with windy mornings and cold nights. It's not fun, trying to pick out an outfit, especially if I try layers, only to have to haul them around all day.

I was thinking a button down underneath a chunky sweater, leggings and flats for tomorrow.

What about you? How do you dress in strange weather?


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  • It's always best to dress warm, and maybe bring a warm jacket which you can just unzip as the day progresses. Being cold is much worse than being too warm.


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  • The rule are layers, so you can take off things. You can wear a top, t-shirt, fleece and warm jacket. That allows three layers to take off, depending on the temperature. Same for legs. You can wear leggings and when its cold put a wind tight pant over it.

  • I think we stole some of your weather. It's the middle of summer here in Australia and I'm sitting with the heater on.

    I just constantly have both an umbrella and a fan in my purse at the moment, because you never know what weather will choose to strike next. Today it was cold, but still incredibly humid. So we were freezing and sweating at the same time... I wouldn't have thought that was possible...

    Chunky sweaters are fine if that's what you've got. But I'd recommend things that are lighter but still warm. I've got a few good wool shawls that I can stick in my bag and wrap around myself if need be. They're lightweight, but really warm.

    Personally, I also keep a pair of fluffy socks. I'm weird in that if my feet feel warm, then the rest of me feels a lot warmer. So if it starts to get cold, I actually switch out my socks.


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