Which girl is more attractive to you in this picture?

Judge them with their "face" not their outfits, hair, facial expressions or whatever Which girl is more attractive to you in this picture?
  • Left (long black hair)
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  • Right (brunette hair)
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  • First one.

    • Same here. Asker should realize people will find it pretty hard to disregard all that she mentions, especially the facial expression: whoever answers is very likely to be influenced by that.

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    • I think that's partly the reason why she may look better than the other one. Besides, I had a hard time making a vote on this: both girls are very pretty.

    • Actually statistically, in online dating profiles, pictures of the person smiling get more messages/responses than those who aren't smiling. So it doesn't hurt to smile :)

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  • none both are ugly as fuck

  • The left girl is definitely my type


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