Girls, Have any of you H. S./college girls who wear black leggings7keep a straight face had this happen, and if so, what are your?

I gotta know... if you're 1 of these girls who wear those black leggings and keeps a straight face when guys come up to you and try to run game on you by ignoring it and not looking down, what do you think the moment you see he tried, but can't ignore it, looks down and his jaw drops and you can tell you won easily?
  • I'm not in H. S./college or don't wear them, or haven't had player guys try that on me or I have, but they HAVE ignored it
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  • I've had this happen. Remind myself to stay straight faced, but think, "GOOD. I hope your ego sinks fast."
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  • I've had this happen. I feel smug, think, "That's why I wear these, now you know. Found out the hard way huh?"
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  • I've had this happen. I think, "Uh huh... that's what I thought jerk. You can't ignore it either. Just like the rest."
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  • I've had this happen. I feel cocky, think, "Not as good as you thought, huh? Hope you learned a lesson."
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  • I've had this happen. I'm amazed, think, "Did you REALLY think you could ignore it? There's a REASON I wear these, jerk."
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  • I've had this happen. I think something far different
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I hate it when I can't ignore it and my damn jaw drops, ugh. I was SURE I could.
Sighs... GOOD job girls... now you know what works easily on a player. Damn.


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  • Your question makes no sense


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