Should I stop using heat on my hair completely for it grow out?

I straighten my hair every 2-3 weeks. The style stays. I want to grow it out and people recommend that I don't use heat at all. I'm black so my hair would be all over the place and very thick and hard to manage. I hate the way it looks natural.


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  • You know that African women have a great variety of hair styles that don't involve straightening like Open Braids for example.
    Are there no afro beauty shops in your area? Because without assistance you can't really do much about it and heating destroys the hair on the long run.

    • I'm a Black women. I hate wearing braids. I have a big nose so wearing my hair in my face takes away from that. I don't really like to wear it natural either because it's so big and poofy.

    • Or Marley Twists than maybe. You can wear that falling into your face.

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  • I suggest you stop using heat and instead use natural ways to straighten and style your hair. There are many if you search them up. Your hair will go faster and healthier and you'll still be able to style it the way you want.


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  • Keep it in a bun or something till it grows.


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