How can I keep my eyelids from being so oily?

do i have oily eyelids and when I wear eyeliner, after a few hours it will start to smudge and crease to the top of my lid -_- Hard part is I like a thick wing and I always have to do thinner ones to avoid so much creasing. on top of that I think the oil on my lid make my eyes burn. after so many hours (with or without eye makeup) the inner corners of my eyes will start to burn and it gets worse as the night goes. I then have to wash out my eyes or wipe them off. any advice?


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  • I also have oily eyelids, the most important recommendation is use waterproof eyeliner. Wet n wild has a really good formula and it's only $2! Another thing you can do is use the urban decay eyeshadow primer, it keeps my lids super dry (in a good way) and prevents my liner from transferring to my lid. My final recommendation is a setting spray. If you use all three of these products together, your makeup isn't going anywhere!

    • thank you so much! Yes! I have wet n wild. do they have a matte eyeliner though?

    • I'm not sure, I've only used their H2O proof liquid liner. I know Kat Von D has a matte black longwear eyeliner but it's a bit pricey

    • me too and ok well thank you. ya helped a lot:)

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  • Switch make up brands. You may have a allergic reaction to some products. Also do not apply close to your eyes... if your eyes burn due to it, it means product is getting into your physical eye. Lastly try a primer.. this will prevent oil.

    • well I thought I did but it also happens when I'm not wearing any eye makeup.
      I currently am. using one primer but it gets oily after awhile. What is a good primer that will keep them dry?

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    • Are you in a air conditioned work environment?

    • I'm in a kitchen so the air conditioning its pretty low. it's more hot than anything.

  • Perhaps use blotting paper, and a translucent powder on your eyelids before you put on your eyeliner. The powder will help absorb extra oil, and you can also use a waterproof eyeliner/mascara- maybe that will help😊


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