Has anyone tried black charcoal for teeth whitening?

I called the health store they have one bottle of the capsules left I asked them to hold on to them for me but I don't know if I should purchase them or not. I watched reviews and stuff but still undecided. Does anyone have personal experience? Thanks


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  • I did it and all it did was make my mouth taste gross. Tried it twice because I thought I might have done it wrong the first go

    • Lol I ended up buying some last night. I think it worked! It kind of made my gums hurt though.. I'm going to ask my dentist about it.

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    • Well it hurt last night but not this morning. Someone said it was sore from the charcoal drawing the toxins inside the gums to the surface and that it would go down so I think they're right but will keep an eye on it

    • Plus I thought it felt kind of abrasive so maybe that caused it.

  • Never tried it before


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