When can I get my navel repierced a third time?

I got my navel pierced the first time in February 2015. It was done with a Titanium barbell and wasn't very deep. 10 months later, in December 2015 I migrated and took it out. My piercer said I could get it redone in a month. I waited 2 months and got it redone a second time February 2016. This time with a 316 L Surgical Steel barbell and it was pierced deeper. I also kept the same barbell in the whole time. It didn't show signs of being irritated (I have sensitive skin). 3 months later in May 2016 it migrated again. I think I might have gotten it redone too early. It has been 9 months since it migrated the second time. Can I get it redone a third time now... or should I wait longer? Help! I miss it when it isn't there.


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  • Not everyone is anatomically suited to a navel piercing... you may be one of them if it's rejected/migrated not just once but twice?

    Find a different reputable piercer and ask them, some piercers won't tell you as they just want your money.

    • The person I went to was at the best shop in my area. He is also someone I knew in high school. He had been piercing for years. I'm thinking that moving might have had something to do with the migrating. I had moved a month after I got it done the second time. That probably wasn't wise. I didn't have anyone helping me clean and I was having to pack everything by myself. I lived upstairs too so you can imagine how much moving it could have been doing if a box I was carrying was bumping it.

    • maybe but I'd still recommend going to another piercer just to ask their opinion. After all it still rejected after the first time

  • Migrated? Like moved north?

    • Migrated as in the piercing kept moving around. .. until the skin was thinner and there wasn't much room between the two holes.

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    • I mean migrated. It didn't fully reject. I took it out before it rejected out of me. It was 14 g. Yes I was cleaning it... twice a day with H2Ocean. It never got infected.

    • Maybe ask to be pierced with a 10 gauge. That is supposed to help with migrating

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