Girls, All girls here who wear those Nike Tempo track shorts casually, you ever knew a guy who SWORE girls looked bad in those, but then?

You ever knew a guy who swore girls wearing those didn't look good in that style or it wasn't classy, but then you saw his jaw drop to the ground when he couldn't ignore a girl in em and he looked down at her legs/booty in em and you saw how full of crap he was by his reaction... if so, what kinda girl got him?
  • No, never heard a guy say that but then saw clearly by his reaction at 1 how full of crap he was
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  • Yeah. blonde, athletic legs, average build
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  • Yeah. blonde, thick legs/cellultie, too thick for him
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  • Yeah. brunette. athletic legs/average build
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  • Yeah, brunette, thick legs/cellultie, too thick for him
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  • Yeah. black girl, athletic legs/average build
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  • Yeah, Black girl, really thick/cellulite, too thick, she easily got him
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What Girls Said 2

  • This sounds oddly specific.

    Like someone (QA) might have run his mouth about a particular style and then ate his words because he learned that girls are hot regardless of their clothing and now is hoping there's some magical reason he can use to justify his idiocy.

  • I am not black Im just really thick. When I ran track I literally felt their eyes on me


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