All guys who've tried to play it off on high school upperclassman girls/college girls in black leggings&uggs, ur reaction?

If you've tried to play it cool and ignore how hot they are in those by not looking down so your jaw doesn't drop and they don't notice so you can run game on em, how tough are they? Honestly?
  • I don't think they're cute/hot like that at all/I've tried to ignore it against em, and it's easy, they're not tough at all
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  • I try it on em. I can ignore it for a few seconds, but if she's cute blonde/brunette in em, I'll look down, try to hide it
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  • I do that. If she's a blonde/brunette, I can't. It doesn't work on em. I have to look down, and my damn jaw drops. They're too tough
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  • I do that on em. I try HARD to ignore it, but the combo of leggings and uggs is too much, my jaw drops hard, unignorable
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  • I do that on em. I can't ignore it, impossible to ignore the booty&legs in those. I can't get through their poker face either. I've tried, but I can't.
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  • I'm one of these girls, and interested to see the results! :)
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  • I wear that a lot

    • Hmmm. I'm one of these guys that's tried this, and I can't. Way too good. There's no way.

    • That works easily on us... now you know. smh..

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