Girls, Girls here who wear black leggings&get players trying to be smooth on you in em, which do you do?

If you're one of these girls who wears black leggings and usually keeps a poker face because you get players coming up to you in em and trying to run game by ignoring it and not looking down so you won't notice... which of these do you do to make sure you stay undefeated against players when you're like that?
  • I wear em, but have gotten defeated by players like this, so none of these/I'm undefeated against em like this, but I don't do any of these
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  • I'm 1 of these girls and get this a lot. I make sure to stay thick, not lose weight and wear em as much as possible
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  • I'm 1 of these girls. I make sure if I can see he's trying to ignore it going by... when he passes, to face the side and check, but keep my face straight
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  • I'm 1 of these girls. I make sure to get the most fitted black leggings possible to make sure they can't ignore it and their jaw will drop fast
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  • I'm 1 of these girls. I make sure to keep several pairs, all really fitted, and add weight when necessary so they can't ignore it
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  • I'm 1 of these girls. I do something completely different altogether.
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What Girls Said 2

  • I wear black leggings and never get people coming up to me. Every women I know who wears leggings or tight clothing don't have guys coming up to them. If a random guy came up to me while I was out and tired hitting on me I'd walk away. Guys only do that in bars/pubs/clubs even then I'd still walk away.

  • The closest I've come to something like this is when I wear a dress I almost always wear a pair of pantyhose with it. I'm usually sitting of course and if I notice a guy looking in my direction that I find attractive and he is looking at my legs I will cross them with the leg I put over the other one in his direction. I'll usually run my hand slowly down the front of my shin making it look as if I'm making sure they are still smooth to my legs but that is my way of keeping his attention. If he is still looking over I'll dangle the heel I'm wearing on my toes. If I still have his attention I will drop my heel off of my toes after a bit so he can see my feet in pantyhose. From there I usually keep my heel off and bob my foot up and down and all around and spread my toes and try to put on a good show for him.


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