What kind of pink do you think would look best on me?

I'm actually going to go through with dying my hair pink! I'll be doing it in a couple of weeks! I've been having trouble with deciding whether I should go for a lighter pink or a darker pink, and everyone I know that is supporting me to do this are divided. Lols! So, I thought maybe I should get more opinions? Which do you think would look best with my skin tone? *Pics in profile*

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This is what I had in mind for light pink hair: link
And for dark pink: link


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  • I LOVE them both! Since you're leaning more towards the light pink I'll go with that! BUT if you can't make up your mind you could do two-toned. Light pink on top and dark pink on the bottom.


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  • Light pink would be hottest I think, should add links to what dark and what light pink your thinking about :P

    • Lols! Okay! I'll do that right now. Thanks for the answer, too! :)

    • After seeing the pics, def light pink :)

    • Alright. ^_^ I have to admit, I do like the lighter, better, but some of my friends said darker would look better on me, so I'm happy someone said lighter.

  • light would look better. dark, imo, is too much


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