What do you think the difference between hot and cute is?

How does one become hot, instead of cute. I feel I look too polished, and people call me beautiful, and pretty all the time. But I'm only heard hot a few times.

I just want to have a little more sex appeal.

So what are things that you find sexy?

Like what style of hair?

What kind of makeup?

A tan?

Anything special?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm not sure if you don't have a sex appeal just because you aren't called "hot". If you look really nice and polished, guys are probably not going to say "Hey, you look really sexy," because it doesn't really seem appropriate. If you are dressed business casual, "hot" and "sexy" aren't the right words to use. They seem.. less polished.

    Guys rarely call me sexy or hot to my face, and I always dress nicely. Everyone says I am really pretty. However, guy friends and other girls will tell me of guys who will comment on how nice my butt is or how I look hot (I am not trying to sound conceited, these are the exact things I hear). Just because people don't call you hot or sexy, doesn't mean they aren't thinking it or saying it when you aren't there.

    I know several girls who guys will call hot to their face, but never call beautiful. These girls dress like sluts (and usually are) and wear a lot of make up. They also get no respect from guys at my school. I wouldn't worry about how you look, if people call you beautiful, you are. You don't have to worry about not looking hot, since I am pretty sure guys are calling you that behind your back.

    If you want to look more sexy, why not try a pair of heels? They make legs look longer, and they give you a really nice walk. I love heels, I always feel sexy in them.


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  • well I know one thing that could help is what you wear show more but not a slut and if they like what you show they will call you HOT =) hope I helped I hope you don't think I am a creep its just mainly true unless a guy likes a formal girl well you will never really know I guess


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  • hot is more body conscious and confident. a hot person would have more sex appeal and when you look at them, the first thing you notice is sex appeal, their body and stuff like that. hot people look more wild. not necessarily slutty, though.