Change in hair color?

GIRLS- All right. I'm thinking about putting some red in my hair either as partial, or all over color. I know that red fades fast when you put it in your hair. I don't want to do something that I might potentially not like either. But, I do want a change in color. Oh, and it wouldn't be a bright red or anything like that either.

So, my question is...would it be worth it for me to dye it, and or look good?

My hair is the current length like in my profile picture.


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  • when I wanted to try new colors in my hair I went and bought some cheap clip ins of different colors I wanted to try. You can get them at spencers or hot topic. Once you decide you want to get the color done, get a semi permanent color it will last longer but will still wash out in time.

    • All right. That might be a good idea. I'll try the clips. But I kinda wanted a look of naturalish highlights, lol. and clips stand out big time. I'll try it though! Thanks!

    • It will just help you get an idea of what you really want, plus they are fun!

    • Yep, I'll try it. Thanks for your asnwer!

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  • i think some red around ur face would be really cute, id really think hard on if you want it or not, as thegoddessdani suggested the idea of buying some fake little clips may be a good idea. You have a really pretty sandy blond as is, id have a professional do it if ur doing partial as the red can bleed onto lighter colors and with blond it'll turn it to a kinda pink if ur not careful. Good Luck ^.~

    • Well, I wouldn't want it to turn out pink. I'll try the clip idea, and if I decide to do it, I will do it professionally. I've had my fair share of mishaps with color before, so I won't try doing it myself again, lol. Thanks!