Do any of you have a lip piercing?

I really want to get a lip ring and I think it would look really good but I need to know
1.) how bad does it hurt?
2.) what's the avg cost?
3.) how long does it take to heal?

And if you have any other advice from experience please elaborate


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  • It hurts a lot not gonna lie especially the first time, and it takes probably a couple weeks to heal. I used to have snakebites and had shark bites for a while


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  • I did have snakebites
    It doesn't hurt at all... if it does it's just a little pinch.
    I got it for free because the first time I did it on my own lol... the second time I gave my friends sister 20 dollars because she worked at a tattoo and piercing place.
    Usually a couple days and don't wear makeup over it


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  • I've had angel bites and snakebites and my angel bites fucking hurt tbh but my snakebites not so much. It depends on your pain tolerance and how quickly your body heals. Prices are anywhere from 50 to 70 depending on the shop. Warm salt Walter helps clean them and I found it more useful than dial soap that they'll tell you to use. It'll swell a ton so be sure to get decent sized hoops at first and not a stud or little hoop.

  • I haven't been here for a while now. Anw. I WANT ONE SO BAD. But tbh keep in mind the chances of getting infections and your body rejecting it. This is literally the one thing that is stopping me from getting one rn.


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