How to improve yourself?

I don't like how I am currently. I'm fat, shy, i have an odd voice, and I'm really ugly. :(
I'm also not allowed to wear make up and my odd voice is not from a hormonal problem.


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  • yes... you are very ugly...
    now you already think that you are ugly...
    sorry í cannot help you...

    first of all stop thinking like that.
    you are also beautiful ( i know everyone says that... ).

    men like shy girls... bonus...
    odd voice so what... many people have odd... sometimes odd things become reason for our success...

    you don't know how you currently.
    it's simply means you are confused.
    so do not think that you look bad...

    really ugly... it's your thinking...
    well í cannot say because í never seen you.

    trust me. you will be change 50% if you just change your thinking... all start with a small thought in mind..


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  • I feel your pain, being insecure myself.
    1. You can lose weight by just cardio and lifting. There are a lot of dancing videos on YouTube that are super fun! I have found running to be very fun, you'd be surprised. Apparently running is a better form of therapy than a therapist, too.
    2. I'm shy too. Try just saying hi to classmates, things like that.
    3. If you don't like your voice, most people don't like theirs either so that's okay. Try practicing reading aloud by yourself or singing until you get the effect you like.
    4. You are not ugly! I'm sure you're not! I know you're beautiful!
    P. S. Just out of curiousity, why aren't you allowed to wear makeup?


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  • People often criticize themselves more than necessary. If you want to change something, just put your mind to it and work at it. Start by not calling yourself ugly, because that's not going to help the case. If you don't have the body you want, workout the areas you need, so that you will.


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  • This hurts my heart. My advice is while working on your outer build up your inner. Focus on the parts of yourself you do like. Build confidence in those areas. Then set attainable goals regarding your weight. Look at what your diet and exercise consists of. And while you are achieving those goals, allow and except the small wins along the way. (This will build on the confidence within.)
    Redefine the imagine of yourself you have in your mind.
    Believe in yourself... 🙂

  • Well you can't do anything about your voice, but working out with help the body and makeup will help the face.

  • If you think you're fat, start exercising and limit the calories you consume daily. It requires a lot of discipline, but if your will is strong, you will manage to do just fine.
    As for your shyness, you need to put pressure on yourself to communicate with more people daily. Set tiny goals like "Today I am going to say "hi" to 2 acquaintances" and continue doing that. You will eventually start to feel more comfortable talking to people.
    As for your voice and your ugliness I am almost sure that you're exaggerating ><.

  • Fat- hit the gym , eat more healthier foods, lots of fruits /veggies and water.

    Shy- Confidence is the key which you can achieve by improving your self and also by going out and trying to socialize

    Odd voice, - could be PCOS OR THYROID which are hormonal. Maybe you can visit a Gp and run some test to find out. It could also be a genetic makeup.

    Ugly? -hardly anyone is really ugly but makeup helps (check youtube for tutorials), also accessories and clothes can enhance or improve what is there already.

    Try your best to think positive and be happy because when you are not , it can show out on the skin and body.

    • @Asker hmm ok then well clothes and accessories since you can wear makeup?

      Maybe your voice is genetic... do others in your family have that?

  • Walking long distances is an easy way to get rid of fat. I'm way older than you and I can knock a lot of fat off of my body in a relatively short time by distance walking (like 2 miles at least daily). Do you know what your hormonal problem is? Are your parents taking you to the drs and addressing the issue? The hormonal problem could be making you feel ugly even if you aren't, believe it or not. Hormonal imbalance messes with the mind like that. Sometimes birth control pills can help. Don't mention that to parents tho bc they'll think you want to have sex. Eating right and drinking lots of water is the natural way to health and beauty. Find things you enjoy doing in a social setting and that may help you talk to other people.

  • So improve your body. Go to the gym.


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