Girls, if you got the opportunity to get kicked in the nuts once, would you do it?

Would you be curious enough to try it?
  • Yes, I want to know how it feels!
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  • No, that sounds painful
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I'd try a vagina-kick if I could...
I can't believe you wouldn't do it.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Hell no! I've been kicked in the vag and that hurt like hell. I don't need to experience it with different genitalia

  • Just how would that be possible, seeing I don't have any?

    • That's what makes the opportunity special. You'd have them just for this.

    • In that case my answer would be just the same as if you were to ask me whether I would like to get kick in my genitalia. No I wouldn't.

    • Tbh I'd be curious what a vagina-kick is like if I got the opportunity to experience one.

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