I'm meeting her family at their barn what to wear?

So I'm meeting my girlfriend's family at their barn, to also meet her horse. I don't know if we are riding or what, so what can I wear that's nice, to impress the parents, but yet functional for a barn setting and if she wants me to ride.


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  • Wear clothes that you wouldn't care at all if they got dirty or ruined. I recommend you a pair of old comfy jeans and maybe an old shirt or something.


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  • I live on a farm and anytime My girl comes over I always round up some rubber boots and overalls for her so we can go see the cows or go 4 wheeling and looking for some mud.

    I would ask your girlfriend what she would suggest you wear so you get an idea of what they wear when they go to their barn...

    If they have horses, my guess is that they just wear old jeans and a plain old work shirt that you don't care if it gets dirty.

    If she's a country girl she will absolutely love seeing you dressed like a hard working farm laborer :)

    Good luck man! country girls are definitely keepers!

    • also if this is the first time you're meeting g her family bring a change of clothes so that if they invite you to stay for super you can look half presentable.

  • Cowboy!


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