Is jeans a must for teen guys? (age 16)?

title says it all


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  • No I do not think so

    • Thanks for opinion. Reason me asking is because. I look a bit "I dont fit in the society and that also makes people are less interested to talk to me"

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    • Aah I see... well don't change too much for people to like you. You might just lose all that uniqueness

    • I have no uniqueness atm so

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  • Basically I mean unless you're like me and consider twill pants a completely different thing or chinos only with those two can you avoid wearing denim jeans.

    • Maybe I should have typed "hard material pants". With jeans I also meant chinos etc

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    • Society does give off that, I'm a physically attractive person but I used to be very shy and did not try to dress well. When I dressed better and had better self esteem along with a haircut I got a lot of attention and I'd rate myself as a 9 so why not try dressing a little snazzier, you could get some benefits you didn't even know about.

    • I know there is just advantages when wearing jeans. But since I have trouble changing myself. I wish the school actually had a school uniform or that my parents cared about me and my life

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  • You can wear what you want in your free time.

  • I like a guy in worn out or dark jeans

    • Is it because it looks nice?

      Would u think a guy "who is not wearing jeans" is still good enough?

    • It was just a personal preference. But my ex boyfriend wore shorts sometimes and I thought he looked cute in them.

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