Ladies what do you like and hate about being a woman?

do you like having sex /orgasms as much and as often as you like?

Hate having periods/babies?

What are all of your opinions


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  • I love and hate the clothes aspect of being a female. I love being able to have so many options when it comes to getting dressed and being able to feel pretty, but on the other hand sometimes I wish I could just walk around in basketball shorts and a baggy t-shirt.

    Periods and shaving/waxing are definitely negatives

    Being able to be so close to my girl friends (as opposed to guys and their guy friends) and

    having the natural ability to move my hips/ dance with a certain "softness" is also kind of cool.


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  • I like the joys of wearing delicate or sexy clothing and wearing makeup. I like being able to do so much and look however I want to look. If I want to please myself I can look however I want to look. If I want to dress like a bombshell to get a man I can do that.

    What don't I like? I don't like the competition with other girls, haha. Because they like doing the same thins li like- looking hot/cute so we are all doing it and competing wiht one another, hahah

  • I like that I can wear makeup and have fun with my style. I honestly don't think periods are THAT bad.

    I dislike how guys can call us sluts and whores just because we have an ounce of sexuality in us, while they can go have sex with a ton of girls and be praised for it.

    • Women have the right to be as sexual as they choose!! !You are one of the few that don't think periods are that bad...I have heard orgasms cure cramps

    • I don't believe we have that right because we get criticized about it. And I don't think periods are that bad because when when I get mine, I just put in a tampon and I forget about it most of the day. If I have some cramps, I just take an Advil and that usually takes care of the pain.

  • shaving...waxing...period... being a girl costs a lot of money

  • periods suck! that's really the only thing I don't like about being a girl.


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