Do guys care about stretch marks, acne, or being overweight?

OK I'm a bit overweight and when I hit puberty I gained weight and got stretch marks on my chest, hips, stomach, thighs, my arms, and behind my knees. I hate them and I managed to get rid of the ones behind my knees, and fade the rest of them mostly, except for my stomach. I want to go to the beach and wear a bikini and I don't care about my stomach so much but I never go through with it cause of my stretch marks on my stomach.

I also have had acne for awhile and it hasn't faded.

Do guys care about stretch marks and acne?

would guys find it attractive(or mind it, I guess) if they saw an overweight girl in a bikini?

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  • Many people have this problem, I do and I know a lot of other girls do too, unless they are the naturally super skinny type. You get stretch marks if certain parts of your body grow faster than the skin does. This can happen if you gain a lot of weight in a short amount of time, if you get taller in a short amount of time, if you're pregnant, if your boobs grow, etc. It's natural. In order to prevent it and help it go away, use things like cocoa butter.

    There are so many people with this problem, that guys shouldn't find it unattractive. You mentioned "OK I'm a bit overweight", you can wear a bikini. Go to the beach or a pool, look at how many HUGE, obese, women wear bikinis. If you're just a little bit overweight, you'll be fine :)


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  • Depends on the guy, mayb set you standards a little lower etc...

    Their is someone for every1


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  • I mean I think they do, I would care about that in a guy, I don't date guys with lots of acne, or if they are fat and so I can only imagine they would feel the same