How do I get my hair to stay styled?

I have thin fairly straight hair and I want to make it stay curly without getting a perm, what would I have to do to keep it curly after I curl it?

please don't say hair spray it hasn't worked in my whole life and I don't like rock hard hair
I'm planning on using a curling iron since curlers just don't seem to work for me, but maybe I just need to find the right kind for me, any advice my hair is just longer then shoulder length


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  • well a good hair-spray which allows your hair to move - and not make it rock hard - is actually very effective. I curl my hair most days, I just don't like it straight that much - which it naturally is - and for ages I used to do the whole rock hard with spray thing until I found a brand which is good for me.

    Firm hold by Treseme allows my hair to move but keep its curl all day.

    Apart from that, steam curl instead of just normal curl, but you'll probably have to but new curlers to do this with - but it's effective.

    Other than that - curl it when it's wet straight after the wash, and allow it to dry curly, then it's much more likely to last. You can do this by plaiting - but do it from the very top of you head, you don't want your curl to start half way down your hair. Also with rollers, or sponge rollers. Or, and which I find gets the most natural look - scrunching, twisting and then pinning your hair into place to dry.

  • hairspray.

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