How Common Are Stretch Marks?

I have a bunch on the inside of each thigh.

I hate them. But they don't seem to bother my boyfriend.

Whenever I complain, he says: "whatever, it happens!" And tells me that it's natural and that they're actually really common.

So, I was wondering:

*How many of you guys have them?

*Do they ever go away?

*How could I get rid of them?

*How can I hide them? -I'm too embarrassed to go to the beach with his family on Sunday because of my jiggly thighs and marks. His mother and father are very judgmental! :'< But my boyfriend won't listen because he thinks I look fine. . .


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  • Haha me and all my friends have them. My sister, who wears a double 0, has them on her inner thighs and her back.

    They never go away, but eventually the do fade from the purpley blue color to a fainter silver

    Bio Oil and coconut lotions will help speed up the fading process

    I wouldn't worry about his family, because I would bet my life that his mom has them too.

    (everybody's legs jiggle when the walk :) don't stress too much over that)

    • Thank you.

      Your comment was very uplifting. :'-)

      I've just been stressing on this so much because his mom and dad put so much judgement on my looks. But they just don't know how low my self esteem is.

      I don't need that, ya know?

    • Awe well I'm glad I helped some.

      I never did understand parents like that. I mean its not like they're the ones dating you, so can't they just let you be happy? *Rolls eyes* Atleast you sound like you have a very sweet boyfriend :)

    • So true.

      And yes, he is very sweet and understanding most of the time. :D

      Thanks again.

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  • I'm not a doctor, and I haven't seen your 'stretch marks' however if it doesn't bother him I don't know why it should bother you. And even if his mother and father are very judgmental, I can't imagine they'd force him to break up with a girl just because she had stretch marks on her thighs or something ridiculous like that..

  • I think close to 100% of people have them? I got em all across my shoulders,chest and down my arms. On my Quads too actually. They never go away but they fade from that awesome purple color to a white so you can't see em well.

    I'm not fat or anything, just get em from hittin the gym and getting bigger... I actually like getting em... Lets me know I'm gettin bigger like I'm doing something right in the gym..

    How do females feel about those kinda strech marks on a guy? Most guys don't mind em on females at al.

    • You know what?

      My boyfriend actually has them all over his entire body. Like, deep ones though. He had a huge growth spurt as a young teen which caused them. But they weren't too bad. Then, as he got older and started lifting weights they got worse and are now very very noticeable. I don't care for them at all. The first time I saw them I didn't even think too much of them. He was pretty self conscious about it tho. Whenever he has his shirt off all I see is the big picture: A very sexy guy.

  • i have some around my shoulders but I don'tknow why if my shoulders aren't fat. I used to be chubby when I was little so maybe I got it when I was really young.

    I have some coco butter oil(vitamin e) but I hardly use it, they say this stuff really works(you have to use it daily to work though and it could take months to go away depending on how bad the scars are).

    I don't think mines look bad so I don't really care about hiding them. I don't know how to hide them besides with clothes lol


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  • I think it's pretty common.. When you lose weight or gain at all it can happen. Even if you put on cream for it, it may still happen. I wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure it's not bad at all.. just imagine when you have a kid. Go to the pharmacy and as the Pharmacist which ointment is the best for stretch marks and try the over the counter stuff first, if it doesn't work like you want it to, go see a Dermatologist to get a better solution.

    • Thank you very much.

      Very logical advice. :->

      I will do that.

      I just haven't done it yet because sometimes I just feel like no matter how long you use that stuff it will never help because companies are trying to sell women magic potions in a bottle. :-/

    • I know what you mean.. If they recommend something that's cheap, It won't hurt to lose a few dollars.. but your best bet would probably to get something prescribed. And you can get rid of stretch marks, I have them from child birth, I use to have a ton in one area, and a lot of it went away completely. I also know other girls that have had kids and got stretch marks afterwards that were able to get rid of them with some dermatologist stuff. Good luck

    • Thank you.

      I will try that. :-)

  • ok first of all most girls if not all get stretch marks... you must not be too confident about any of your body to be afraid to be in a bikini in front of his parents. I have them and any of the guys I've been with and has seen me in a bikini did not even notice them!

    you can't really get rid of stretch marks but to prevent them from coming a lot you out cocoa butter lotion on your legs... or they even have special lotion for pregnant women to help the stretch marks from showing up...

    and his mother WILL have stretch marks. she's had kids she will have them. you probably won't see them because she will cover them up with shorts? or a one piece suit? or shirt? bt it doesn't matter she will have them too so you won't be alone.

    you don't need to hide them. I used to because I thought everyone could see them and I was VERY self concious about it... but I eventually got over it and convinced myself after asking a few of my close friends if they had them.. and sure enough they did.

    youll be alright don't worry so much! hope this helps?! :)

    • Yeah. I'm not too confident about my body.

      I am in an awkward place right now because I'm not too fat but I am pretty chubby.

      Whenever I start to exercise and eat right my boyfriend gets angry and asks who am I trying to impress. and tells me that he only likes girls with meat on their bones??

  • Lots of people have them. They're pretty common. Lotions that are rich in vitamin E, Aloe vera, Cocoa butter, annnd some other I can't remember are very good for reducing the color and size.