Do guys really care about acne?

Okay, so yes, I do have acne. It's not to the extreme but it is noticeable. I take care of it so it's not greasy or anything like that. I do wash my face and I'm actually going to the dermatologist in about a week. Yay! (: Well, anyways, I'm going to be meeting a guy for the first time and he has never seen me. Like, he has seen pictures but I made sure my acne wasn't noticeable. I really like him and I'm scared he won't like me because of my acne. I know anyone that won't accept me for me is not worth it but that's beside the point. Do guys really care about acne? Like, even though I do take care of it? Like I said, it is noticeable. I do wear makeup but you can still see it. Please help!


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  • No it doesn't bother me. It's just one of those things that happens to some people but it's certainly not something that would make you wanna totally reject someone. I've liked girls in the past who've had a little bit of acne. I work in retail and see this girl come in now and then (not like talk to her or anything) and she has a small bit of acne but I think she looks really cute. So you have nothing to worry about. And personality in people goes a lot further than looks :)


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  • Well I think if I noticed a girl I was going on a date with had acne but it wasn't that bad, I probably wouldn't mind much. Look I've never been that crazy about whether a girl had a skin condition or whatever. When I was in my late teens I had a serious case of eczema that got so bad that acne wouldn't even appear there. Yeah it was bad. So maybe I'm different but really I wouldn't judge a girl by something like that. It's not like having acne means you're necessarily dirty or anything like that.

    Anyway as you said, this guy isn't worth it if he drops you for something that stupid. Also as you said you will be seeing a dermatologist to find out how to treat it, so hey, good for you. I guess if you really want to make sure your guy understands, you can always explain it to him. Like as in talk to him about what this is and how you're looking in on how to treat it, get rid of it, and how this doesn't make you greasy or dirty or anything like that. It might improve your chances. Either way I'm rooting for you and I hope for the best.

    Good luck with all this really...

    Oh and go get him tigress. ROAR!

    • Well, thank you(:

      every time I hear someone say that it is OKAY TO HAVE ACNE I feel a little bit better(:

      and yeahh.

      i have eczema on both oh my arms so I know a little bit about that...

      ugh!!! but its okay cause its on the back of my arms...

      anyways... I never minded if a guy had acne.

      because I know sometimes its in your genes (like mine) and its hard to treat (like mine)

      but haha. I love that last comment. I seriously ALOL (((:

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    • Oh I just did it....

      i think... (:

    • You totally did.

  • Sex can help with acne, at least I noticed with some girls I went out with, and no, id doesn't make a big difference to guy


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