How long should I wait to bleach my hair again?

I'm black with natural hair. I dyed my hair red in December but it didn't last long. My hair had grew out like 3-4 inches and I decided I want to go back to light colors like dark blonde or light brown. It was my first time bleaching and I tried it on hair that I pulled out of my comb and it eventually turned yellow after awhile. When I put it on my head, it turned my hair a fire red and the black parts blonde. It may have worked if I left it on longer but I didn't want to risk it. I used a light brown toner and now the back of my hair is jet black. Some of my roots are still blonde, most of my hair is partially faded red and brown. It's not ugly but I want the right color


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  • It may help to have someone put on the bleach for you. You should wait at least 4 weeks from the last time you did it. Then put the bleach on the darkest spots first. Once they start to turn put it on the other hair. Don't get it close to your scalp as the heat from your head will cause it to process faster than the other hair. Make sure to test the hair by pulling it and making sure it's not about to break. When it looks like it's done wait five minutes then wash. Hope that helps


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