Is it normal for your panties to show through your ballet tights?

This question is for 18+ BALLERINAS AND NOT CHILDREN. If you have nothing nice to say PLEASE DO NOT SAY IT.


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  • Yea thats why most people don't wear underwear with ballet tights

    • Is that why most girls where black tights as opposed to the traditional light pink/ballet pink and/or white for fear that their private area will be exposed if they don't wear underwear

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    • I loved it. Its funny because i did lots of recitals and never had stage-fright, however after ballet i started having stage-fright. But yea, i quit at age 8 because they wanted us to start doin lifts and back flips and stuff that i wasn't tryna do

    • Is it weird for a guy to love it as much as a girl such as yourself does?

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