What's it Like to Be a Pretty Girl?

i have seriously always wanted to experience this.

i used to be an ugly duckling but I grew into my face so I am prettier. I also learned how to dress better and do my hair. BUT my weight is still holding me back. since I do have face and style on my side...when I lose the weight I will finally be pretty.

so what will it be like?

Pretty Girls- what's it like just being pretty?

how should I act? Should I be the pretty girl with the down to earth fat girl personality, or should I be more "untouchable" and not talk to people unless they are in my clique? What kind of guys should I date? Should I look for a serious boyfriend/husband or date for fun until I get a bit older?


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  • first of all, you are who you are fat, skinny, pretty or plain. Don't change unless it's for the better.

    What does it feel like to be pretty? Here are the pluses:


    special priveledges

    gifts and help


    ego boost

    pick of your man, most of the time


    most men just want to bone you and don't care about another damn thing

    jealousy from other woman

    too much attention when you just don't want to be noticed

    being worried about the day when you won't be so pretty anymore


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  • The question is not when I lose my weight is if? Getting slimmer takes a lot of commitment. If you do become that "pretty girl," please don't be a bitch unless you're into the whole superficial sh*t. You should be down to earth because that's the kind of girl I would want to hang out with. If you act unapprochable, you'll be lonely even if you are "pretty." In the end, be yourself. Hang out with people you like to hang out with. Date guys you are attracted to since you won't have any barriers stopping you. There are no manuals to how to act if you're pretty or handsome. You can decide if you want to be a bitch or cool person.

  • All good women are pretty. All you have to do is learn to be a good woman! There are examples out there.


    • Eat sh*t.

      And learn the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE while you're at it.

    • When berating someone it's best to make sure whatever you're saying is grammatically correct. Lol. Still, you made me laugh. +1

    • DRY UR SUCH A DICK. but haha that's y you love my dod

  • "should I be more "untouchable" and not talk to people unless they are in my clique?"


    • Oh sorry, I just mean, should I still be friendly and talk to everyone or should I be more guarded?

    • "oh sorry, I just mean, should I still be friendly and talk to everyone or should I be more guarded?"


      what, are you in high school?

  • It's fun.


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  • Be who you are now. There is nothing more attractive in a person than their true personality. I hate it when people pretend to be something they are not. As for being pretty, expect a lot of guys checking you out, and a lot of guys you aren't attracted to asking you out. Expect false compliments and guys trying to sleep with you. Honey it's not all it's cracked up to be. Yes, being pretty can be great fun, but that is the down side to it. You have a hard time knowing who is genuine about things. As for what you should be looking for, just date. You should start now too. Don't base your life on being thin. You should feel that you are pretty in your own skin. Being thin may make you feel better about yourself, but you need to be confident in your own skin. There is nothing more attractive than confidence in being who you are. Please, don't turn into a slutty snob. I hope I helped.

  • NEVER NEVER NEVER change because you have bettered your looks, be the girl you always have been in the inside and don't EVER think about being a bitch or your stereotypical "Mean Girls" that is just childish and immature, men like women who they can be themselves around, women who are not only independent but women who can take a joke, laugh, have a heart and most of all women who are not gold diggers just to name a few! Good luck! I have friends of all different shapes and sizes and looks and nationalities, don't me a douche! hope this helps.

  • O_o What? No. There's nothing pretty about being an "untouchable". Looks don't automatically make someone a better person. Just stay true to your heart and be yourself. Don't change who you are inside...

  • stop being so hard on yourself don't put yourself down somply make healty choices be happy with you the rest will follow

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