How can I fix my annoying hair? Help?

Okay I have decided to let my hair grow out because I want to do different styles with my hair. I usually cut it to a taper with a 3 all around but that time is over. Now that I let my hair grow, my hair looks weird! It sticks straight up! Literally like grass (not even joking) I tried putting gel on this morning but even that wouldn't hold it down! It's super annoying. I've heard so many ideas on how to fix it. My goal is to make it go down and lay flat. I don't like the grass look. It looks bad. Picture someone with black grass on their head! Please help. This is a huge issue I want to resolve. Is there anything I can do or put on my hair to make it go down? :(


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  • Use gel


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  • comb your hair to a style that suits you, and try a hairspray... it will stay for sure. n.


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