Should I get Birkenstocks or Stan Smiths?

Calling either ugly won't make a difference to me, I love how both look.

I already have these shoes:
Chuck Taylors (Red high tops and white low tops)
Black patent leather Dr. Marten boots
several ballet flats.

If I were to get the Adidas, I would get them in the classic green/white. As for Birkenstocks, I'd get the EVA/waterproof Gizehs in either white or navy.


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  • I can't believe Adidas is still making those. I wore them when I was a teen. I guess you can't improve perfection. Still be my choice for tennis

    • I do love how far back they go, as well as their tennis background. I don't quite know if the modern one is still good to wear for tennis rather than just keeping the style, but if I find that they are, I'll get them!
      Here's what's being sold today/the ones that I was thinking of buying:

    • Yep that's them. Haven't changed much. They'd still be my choice for tennis

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  • I would choose the Birkenstocks

  • Birkenstocks!!


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