Whats a good foundation to avoid caked face?

I've tried revlon and l'oreal foundations (revlon colorstay and l'oreal true match) and both look so patchy on my face. I do put moisturizer and primer before foundation. I think I have a combination of dry and oily skin.
Any recommendations? And any tips to avoid cakeyness? Its been irritating me -_-
I dont really want to spend that much on make up brands (e. g. NARS, Too faced, etc..)


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  • I have dry to combination skin. I know you said you don't want to spend a lot but out of all the foundations I've tried, Too Faced Born This Way foundation looks the best on me. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation is good too.

    As for drugstore foundations, I really like L'oreal true match. Did you try the original or the Lumi? I like the Lumi version better as it looks more radiant and it's not patchy on me at all. It's actually the only drugstore foundation I've found that I like. Lol I also apply my foundation with a beauty blender (Real Techniques has a makeup sponge that is good too, and more affordable) which is AMAZING and gives a very nice, blended look. I like it better than any foundation brush I've tried.

    Make sure you are exfoliating your skin. If you have dry patches like me, I need to use a facial scrub at least once a week to help even out and smooth my skin which helps with makeup application. Using a good cleanser and moisturizer works wonders as well. Priming the skin is also very important so you want to make sure you're using a good face primer as well.

    • What moisturizer and primer do you use? I use both as well before foundation.
      Yeah I use the real technique sponge for concealer. I haven't tried the Lumi foundation.

    • I really like the Smashbox original photo finish primer and the Benefit POREfessional face primer. They are a bit pricey though so one thing you can do is if you go to Sephora, ask for samples. They can give you samples and then you can actually try out different products to see what works for your skin type the best before you actually buy anything. For moisturizers, lately I've been using the belif true cream aqua bomb which is really nice. I like it a lot. Neutrogena has some good moisturizers too like the Hydro Boost water gel.

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  • The beauty blender is a hell of a tool. It'll make your foundation look best and reduce any cakiness. It may, just slightly, bring down your coverage but I'd focus on finding a foundation that matches your skin tone whether it be light or medium coverage, and then finding a high coverage concealer. So that way you're not caking your entire face and only spot covering certain areas. But seriously. The beauty blender.

  • dear, sometimes its not the brand that makes ur foundie cakey. i have a combination skin too, and i've been using caring colors uv whitening foundation (its indonesian brand) for like 2 years and they dont cakey at all (guess what? it only costs $5!). the point to avoid cakey foundation is the applying.
    here, i will give my make up routine:
    1. i wash my face with wardah gentle facial wash (u can use any brand that suit ur skin) and then dry my face with soft towel.
    2. after that, i put a little amount of moisturizer on my face (bcs my skin is combination i only use a very little amount on my T-area)
    3. let skin absorps ur moisturizer. after that, put on a face primer. wait +- 10 minutes before setting the primer with makeup setting spray (i do my eyebrows when i wait for the primer)
    4. set the primer with makeup setting spray (i use Nabi makeup setting spray)
    5. put on a foundation with beauty blender/ siliblend
    6. set it again with makeup setting spray
    7. put on a little amount of loose powder (i use coty airspun in honey beige) with powder brush
    8. lit ur cheeks with blush on (i use emina cheek lit)
    9. finish it with a loose powder one more time
    10. wear a lipstick
    and ure ready to go

  • Are you dead set on full coverage? Because when I want my skin to look more smooth and natural, I usually just use tinted moisturizer (foundation mixed with moisturizer works too) and them some concealer on the stuff I don't want showing through.

    • tinted moisturizer?

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    • Yup, tinted moisturizer is my jam. I use this stuff:

      I don't really know much about cheaper brands because I fork out quite a bit of cash for good makeup, but have you tried e. l. f? I've never used their foundations but everything else I use from them is shockingly good for the price.

    • Thank you :)

  • Try the L'Oreal True Match Lumi foundation. I have combination skin and I've never had an issue with it. The regular True Match is more matte, which can be a problem if you lean more on the dry side, I find.

  • honestly , ELF is one foundation I've always liked. I've used it since I was 13 and it was always easy to blend into my skin, even though its not an expensive brand and just a drugstore product , I've always really liked ELF's foundations. I have combination skin too , I "bake" my oily areas with translucent powder and always use a setting spray and this has worked pretty great for me. I used to have a cakey look until I switched to a damp beauty blender to blend in my foundation and switched to translucent powder to set my foundation instead of foundation pressed powder

    • Can you name the products please? I want to try and see if it works for me as well

    • I use ELF's regular foundation , its pretty easy to find , I also use ELF's setting spray (I know i use a lot of ELF lol, its what I can afford and has always given me no problems) , and I use NYC's translucent setting powder. Do you use a beauty blender to apply foundation? That's the best thing for avoiding cakey foundation

    • I use real technique brush to apply foundation. I use the sponge to apply concealer afterwards

  • I love Lancome tinted moisturizer with MAC Fix powder/foundation brushed on top. Keeps my skin bright but not too shiny :)

  • If you mix Almay with SPF 15 and Fit Me matte together it makes a great long lasting, full coverage foundation that isn't cakey. I literally live by it!

  • It depends, how much money are you willing to spend? Sephora has a plethora of nice products that I've found work very well, but like you mentioned, they tend to be pricey.
    The thing about pricier foundations, however, is that they work much better, and therefore last much longer. I bought a Kat Von D foundation for like $30-$40, and it lasted me almost half a year with daily use. Sometimes it's worth spending a little more because it lasts longer in the long run, as well as looks nicer.
    As for the cakeyness problem, have you tried applying with a beauty blender? I used to apply with my hands and had the same problem, though the beauty blender helped a ton. Because they're essentially just porous sponges, they help to 'paint' the makeup on to your face, rather than just move it around. They're cheap too! You can get one at TJ Maxx for 2 bucks! :)

    • I use real techniques brush when applying foundation. And yeah maybe I should purchase a higher end foundation lol. I hate looking at the patches on my face

  • I don't know about foundation but normally to avoid the 'cakey' look I just use bb cream but that might not work with whatever look you go for?

  • Hmmm, I like a silicon feeling primer (vs hydrating) b/c I feel it realllly makes my foundation go on smooth.
    -silicon like primer
    -beauty blender
    -applying a light coat first then building where needed
    -moisturizing well the night before so my skin is plump in the am

    This video is SUPER helpful. I only use high end foundations now (gifts, haha, cuz I'm broke)-they last a reallly long time.

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