How do you let him know you're still there for him ?

[Sorry so long but I really need some advice, please]

Okay so track season just ended and me and this guy started talking maybe 2 weeks ago and it was going good, well I thought it was. We'd text whenever his phone was charged and I'd get butterflies whenever I saw his name pop up. I never felt like that by just meeting a guy. Well I left for far east for a week. But before that, the day before he said he'd call me well he didn't. So I was bummed but had a great trip. I get back and I texted him that day and the following, no response. Then I saw him the next day and he told me when we started talking some other girl popped in his head and that when he was gonna call me he ended up talking to her and gained feelings for her again, and talked to her the whole time I was away. I was devastated, I cried - stupid mistake. but whatever, I was told if I want something don't give up. How do I show him I still care and ill still be here for him and that I still want to get closer? he's on break and I'm still in school for a few more weeks and he rarely text back lately? Please help


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  • Not a lot you can do about it. Can't make a guy want to be with you, love you or be interested in you. Either he is or he isnt. If he is seeing someone else and has feelings for her which are stronger than the feelings he has for you, all you can do is wait, maybe it won't work out and you can move in, keep him in your life as a friend try and stay in contact but not a lot you can do except maybe break them up angelina style if you have it in you, but he might not like it...

    • Hahah I like "angelina style" response. But yeah I know what yu mean . I've decided to just be friends, he makes it hard cause he's do distant every time we talk and makes it seem like he doesn't want to talk . but yeah I know what yu mean (: Thank you very much,

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  • From the looks of it, it makes little sense chasing a guy who has his sights set on somebody else. You'll only get hurt.

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