What makes a girl cute, hot. or sexy?

Guys how do you rate a girl on cute hot or sexy? I really want to know so please answer!


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  • Beauty – aesthetically appealing or an essential characteristic to the viewer that causes admiration

    Beautiful- a combination of individual physical elements that please the eye in a formal and dignified manner and a wonderful personality

    Gorgeous – beautiful with sexy UNDERtones

    Sexy- an attitude that embodies physical intimacy through surprise and passion OR the overall silhouette of a person

    Hot- an informal physical attraction that highlights the overall body type instead of individual features by emotionally exciting the viewer and causing strong sexual overtones.

    Attractive- having good looks OR personality that pull a person in

    Cute/Adorable- a combination of individual physical elements that please the eye in an informal and laid back manner and a wonderful personality (more simplistic than beautiful)

    Pretty- you fit into the conventional definition of beauty in a subtle way as to not call attention to individual parts but your looks and/or personality as a whole.

    Lovely – a delicate and graceful kind of beauty


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  • There is no rhyme or reason. Each guy has their own tastes that make a girl hot or not. I can't tell you WHY a girl is hot. But if you lined up 5, 10, 20 girls, I could go through each one and look for 2 seconds and tell you which ones I found hot, or cute, or whatever. But there is no science or reason behind it

  • I purely agree with jarett. couldn't have hit the nail better on that answer. There is no reason why a girl is hot, but if you had 20 girls you only have to take a 3 second look and you can pick the hot ones. but it still can depend on the guy. Ass , hair and legs are the key features tho

  • The way she smiles, laughs, talks, hugs, and kisses. lol ok this is goofy but when I been in past relationships I always thought a girl was cute when she was PMS'ing. lol sorry I know I am strange


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