Tongue piercing advice?

Can somebody just kinda give me info on everything I need to know before getting my tongue pierced because my friends said it doesn't hurt getting it done and I have a pretty high pain tolerance for piercings but they could just be trying to show off.


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  • advice would be not to Pierce tongue..


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  • I got mine when I was 16, the piercing itself doesn't hurt that much but be prepared because your tongue will swell you'll have to eat soft foods and you'll talk like an idiot for a week 😂 everyone made fun of me, I think I went mute for like four days straight

    • Did you ever have any problems with your teeth? That's what my mom is worried about.

    • oh yes I broke a molar (just a tiny bit on the edge) because I bit the ring but then I bought a smaller one and it never happened again
      when I had it done the guy put a big one because it would swell he didn't tell me to get a smaller one afterwards and I thought that was the only size..

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