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There is this guy I have crush on, but he has a girlfriend, but she's all the way in another country. I see this guy like at least 2 times a week or more. I can see how he wants to spend time with me, were gonna study together this Tuesday, his thinking about transferring to my school. He goes to morning prayer with me 6:30 am in the morning. He wants to go shopping with me this weekend. He looks at me a lot when were in groups and there is other girls. body language seems is good. I see these signs that his interested. He said he barely talk to his girlfriend because his busy, when someone asked him how he was doing with his girl friend, he said he was busy, but we were having dinner and chitchatting and he said that when I was there. But he does mention his girl friend at times in front of me so I am confused.. It seems like his interested. But mentions his girlfriend. Does that mean his not in to me? I feel like I met my soul met, we have so much in common, I really want him, what is advice you can give me? she's all the way in another country... I see him more often then her. Do you think if I give him more time he will break up with his girlfriend soon?


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  • he's at the crossroad of thought right now if he wants to stay with his current girl or be with you...you should ask him if is having problems and then eventually ask him if he is going to stay or break up...don't even bring up you until he breaks up with her...you don't want to come out looking like an accomplice to cheating even though that is what you are doing right now...if he can't decide, then you may want to start distancing yourself to him until he does come around...one girl, one boy relationship, that is...

    • Thank you soo much for that advice..you are right, that is what it sounds like, I am just gonna give him some time, spend time with him as friends for now, give about few months, and if he doesn't break up by then they I will move on. I was gonna give him 5 more months? That is good enough time to give him chance right?

    • The time limit is up to you, if it's good feelings still then keep going but, if it starts to hurt, that would be the time to get out...

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  • Why wait break them angelina style if you really like him and he feels the same, ignor the girlfriend comments and go for it if you have it in you...

    • But if the guy mentions his girlfriend in front of me does that mean his not into me? Is that why his mentioning his girlfriend to let me know his occupied?

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