Are you a pretty legit person?

If I were at a meeting that you were also in and you had to give a speech at that meeting, would there be some kind of vibe that someone super legit was speaking? Would it feel as though the entire world were listening to you because of the importance of the things you were saying and the ways you were leading the world as you speak?


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  • I think relatively so, yes. That said, I'm not exactly facing tough competition. I'm a software engineer in R&D, developing graphics techniques. Most of my peers give horrible presentations, so it's not that challenging to give one that gets lots of praise and captivates audiences in comparison.

    The biggest problem with my engineering peers is that they don't give off any impression of enthusiasm when they present. They have this monotone voice and tend to just read off their slides. They also often fail to recognize their audience. They're not presenting to fellow engineers, they're presenting to computer graphics enthusiasts, artists, investors, and potential customers, yet they're using overly technical lingo. They're talking about exciting ideas and techniques but they're not able to get the audience to relate.

    The other types who present on stage with me are marketing people, and they definitely have plenty of enthusiasm. They're kind of polar opposites. The problem with marketing people is that they hype things up so much and fail to talk about the product or idea so much. Instead they come up with buzzwords and basically try to talk about how amazing something is instead of what it can really do. They can hit the investors in the audience but they lose the enthusiasts who really want to find out what these techniques and products really do.

    I'm somewhat in the middle category. I'm an engineer but I know how to "dumb down" ideas in a way where everyone can relate to it without losing the gist of it. Unlike marketing people I don't feel the need to hype things up or use words like "amazing" or "profound" or any fluffy words like this to make something seem better than it actually is. I can talk about something on a pseudo-technical level just as it is, no hyping, no marketing spin, and captivate people that way.

    A legend in my industry is John Carmack and he's all right. He fits more in the "engineer" category, a bit monotone and sometimes a bit too technical. However, he's definitely better than most engineers in that regard, and he doesn't put a marketing spin on anything. If I compare myself to him, I'm like a more animated version who can make more jokes and dumb things down a little bit more so that everyone can relate to the ideas.

    • A legend in my industry is John Carmack and he's all right [as a presenter, that is -- he's amazing and legendary as a software engineer].

  • I do feel pretty legit because I've been through quite a lot and speak from experience. Plus anything you can speak with a passion about, will sound super legit.

  • I think yes


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