I was wondering what type of prep do girls like? classic or the trashy type?

I was wondering do girls prefer guy who are more of the trashy prep (in other words A&F,AE, Aero, hollister) or the classic prep ( RL,J.crew, brook brothers,Lacoste,)


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  • Don't wear A&F, Hollister, and PLEASEEEE don't wear Aeropostale. Not only are the first two discriminatory brands, but Aeropostale is just cheap crap.

    The other brands are fabulous, but I wouldn't want to be with someone just because of what they wore. Obviously a well dressed guy is a turn on, but its not the only important thing.

    But...if you did wear A&F and Hollister it would definitely be a turn off because I see the people who wear those brands as mindless consumers...

    • Generally speaking form a fashion perspective. what do you think of American eagle?

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    • How does A&F and Hollister have discriminatory hiring practices? Is it just because they hire good looking people? I worked there when I was in highschool, I'm in shape and athletic so what's wrong with that?

    • I have two friends who worked for Hollister, three friends who worked for Abercrombie, and my best friend worked for Ruehl. I know from their experiences AND what's printed in the news every other week that you will be denied employment simply based on your appearance. I know when I visit ANY of the stores employees tend to act smug(I'm not sure why especially since they get minimum wage). The Ruehl my friend worked at was always understaffed because no applicants were "pretty' enough..thats sad

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  • It really doesn't matter what clothes a guy wears. I mean, ok, if he was wearing some hideous shorts, I'd let him know before we left(if we were already out then what's the point? I wouldn't tell him then). But it really doesn't define what I think of him. To answer your question though, a guy that can pull off both is sexy. A&F one night, then Lacoste the next and Brooks Brothers for a meeting in the morning.

  • Honestly I could care less what brand of clothing a guy wears. As long as it's nice. It doesn't madder what he wears, it's what his personality is that I prefer. So if a guy wears all leather and black clothing but he's a sweet caring person, than fine I would prefer him over a guy that has expensive clothing that's from Hollister and is an asshole


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