Girls, what would you think of a guy sporting a women's hairstyle?

I am not straight, I am asexual and aromantic but also cismale (feel free to ask questions). I am not super masculine, but am not overly feminine either. I have crossdressed before, I have always want to try "girl" things at least. But I like to dress confrontably which usually means nothing but men's clothes. Girl clothes are awesome to look at but not great to wear, in my opinion. I have had long hair forever, but I am think that I want to get it done, like girl done. I hate when people assume I am straight, especially girls because then it can be hard to make friends when they think you are just trying to get some. So maybe my hair could be like my coming out sign; even if people will just think I am gay, it wouldn't bother me but I would still be out as ace. I don't really like stereotypical haircuts for queer men, so it just want to keep it long and make it more feminine looking. I was thinking of doing something with my bangs, color probably red with lowlights and highlights.
πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ I know, but πŸ’‡πŸ’πŸ»
Any thoughts or advice? thanks 😊


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  • sorry i just want to get this straight, so your male, identify yourself as a male dress as a male, and asexual, aromantic (which I know is having no sexual desire or romantic desire) so your not attracted to anyone?
    sorry I was just curious.

    also it's your life style, get what ever hair style you want! get a feminine hair style with fun colors!

    • I can still find people pretty, but not sexy. There's a difference you know. I find girls prettier or better looking than men. I can also want to be friends with somebody to the point where I fantasize about it

    • So not sexually or romantically. But I do find people aesthetically and or platonically attractive.

    • sorry I was just curious.
      but for the haircut thing you could like you said cut you bangs get some layers and get some highlights ( depending on you hair color)

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