Girls, how many of you buy or sell on Poshmark?

I've been a member for a while, it's a great place to sell your old clothing and buy new for cheaper prices than the stores. Right now it's only for US residents. If your not a member you should check it out I know you'll love it!
Girls, how many of you buy or sell on Poshmark?

This is what I'm talking about
Heads up girls you'll want to check this out!


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  • I heard about it and it's nice. They have other cool apps you can sell for free and cheaper fees.

    • Which ones? I don't think you sell for free, you need to make some profit.

    • Some are offerup, craigslist, letgo, 5 miles, etsy, mercari, ebay. They have many other's. The only downside to some of those apps you would have to meet people face to face. Mercari isn't to bad it takes only 10% once something sells but you can list as much you want for free. But buyers have to rate you first for the transaction to be complete. Like all sites I always read reviews first before using them and I check out their rules. I do like poshmarks idea. I wish they sold other stuff besides clothing and accessories.

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