How to flirt to a stranger?

I've been Sydney 4 a year, and I don't really know how to talk to girls, I don't mean I'm not confident but I just want everything is going right, be polite and gentle, I guess there are some rules about it, can you guys give me some tips, any suggestions would be welcome


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  • just be nice and friendly, ask questions and seem genuinly interested... not just eager for some fun. Complements always go down well but I would open with one becuase it can seem a little seedy. Good luck! xx

    • Does that mean don't compliment a lot cause that may seem like a little fake or something?

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    • Eye contact and smile is usually a good signal for an invitation to come over and talk or dance or get a drink... or if she's not a smiler just repreated eye contact held for a while.

    • I guess I know what to do~thks~u are very nice and what you said really help me~

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  • From what I can tell, it's mostly that magnetic eye contact that gets the person every time. You look at the person, count to 5, look down, count to 10, then look back into the person's eyes like you can't help yourself, count to 7, smile, look down, count to 10, lock eyes for 10 seconds and watch the person's reaction. If you can manage that and a steady conversation, the girl won't know what hit her...

  • My Favorite things that make guys IRRESISTIBLE:

    -Lots of warm smiles


    -Chivalry (i.e., holding doors, helping without being asked, etc.)

    -Laid back but mature demeanor

    -Nice cologne, always on, but never too heavy (Polo Blue is a good one)

    -Always strike up a conversation, or at least seem open to one "Hi, how are you *smile*?"

    -Give a specific day/time you're going to call and then make SURE you follow through each and every single time. Texting is good too, but make sure to ask her if she's a texter first, because if she's not, it may be taken as too impersonal or lazy.

    :) Have fun!

  • Seem open to conversation, lock eyes, smile often, laugh at her unfunny jokes, etc.

    I also completely agree with DishLady. Eyes are KEY. When single girls catch cute boys staring, they can't resist.

  • no problem =]

  • If you are in public, smile and make eye contact at least twice before you approach. That way if she smiles back, you know she is interested and she's going to wonder if you'll approach her. Don't go immediately after she smiles back at you, but linger for a while, talk with your friends. It will peek her interest. Casually stroll over and say something relevant but don't compliment her just yet. Ask her a question. DO NOT SAY, "What's up?" "How are you?" or "Have you been here before?" Those are all a tad cheesy. Say something like "So what are you celebrating tonight?" Something that will get her talking. Then, ask her what she's drinking and if she would like another. If she obliges, most of the time she will feel obligated to talk to you for a bit longer. Maybe ask her where she's from, or something, but DO NOT stay with her the whole time. If she came there with her friends, she wants to be with her friends, period. Perhaps after a minute or two of conversation, say something like this, "Well, I've got to get back to my friends but it was nice talking to you, I think you're beautiful and would love to see you again sometime." If she says sure, get her phone number and then LEAVE HER ALONE. She will wonder where you are, who you are with, and what you're doing. She will look forward to hearing from you, because you have just made yourself mysterious and charming. Good luck!

    • Thats a textbook-example and I mean it in a good way :)

    • Thanks! :)

    • Would just walking up and asking her name be ok?

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